My services

I specialise in graphic design and branding tied to visual identity. But through teaching in education I have become well versed in motion graphics & video editing, 3D, web design & animation and so consider myself a multi-discipline creative. However, if I were to categorise my services as an independent creative to clients they would be the following. Predominately looking to support small businesses, local ventures, sole traders and charities.

My key service offerings

Brand guardianship

Visual communication

Video production & editing

3D creation & visualisation

Motion design

Social media content creation

Web design & support

My direction

My focus as a multidisciplinary designer is to provide a solution to your creative problem. Many of my clients know exactly what they want, just don't know how to achieve it. That's where my specialism comes in. Think of me as a creative problem solver. During my consultation process I'll need you to be honest and communicate to me what you want, no matter how difficult you might think it may be to achieve. The solution to the creative problem is my problem to solve for you.
I treat every client individually and personally, as I am to make every project I take on part of my portfolio. I want to be proud of the work I do for you, just like I want you to be proud of your branding, visual identity, website, motion graphic, illustration or whatever you require me to produce for you.