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Hi! I'm Chris! I'm a full time lecturer & Stamford College in Lincolnshire, and freelance around my teaching hours to ensure I am teaching the correct skills and techniques to the students I educate. I am qualified to a level 6 Post-Grad in education (PGDE) and am currently working towards a MA in Graphic Design. I have been teaching since 2018, but prior to this I spent over 12 years working in the creative industry as a graphic designer.
I am experience in branding and brand development, developing the creation of strong brand stories and embedding them into a range of mediums. I can cover Graphic Design, Photography, Animation, Motion Graphics, Web Design, Videography, Illustration, 3D amongst other forms of creativity.
I am extremely passionate about creativity, and believe theres is no limit to what can be achieved in this form. I specialise in Graphic Design, and branding, but through education I am achieved a range of skillsets which I am about to use to serve clients in my freelance work.
At this stage in my career I don't foresee that I will leave education, as I find great reward in embedding knowledge and seeing young people achieve. However I intend to keep working to freelance around my teaching hours, to keep my skills sharp and further develop my skillset.

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